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Vacationer Shares New Video For ‘Magnetism’. Teaming With Animator Raman Djafari.

“My approach to animation is a very sculptural, process driven one. Based on the mood the song induced in me, I started to explore the themes of the video by free associative drawings, quick sketches, experiments with rough animations and a search for color palettes all at the same time, continually feeling out the video from different angles.”

“This way the video always kept changing, scenes suggest themselves during the process by which narratives and meaning started to emerge. The airy and warm sound of “Magnetism” felt like a wholehearted hug, a genuine, uncynical and unbroken embrace between two people.”

“In animating the scenes for the music video, I found a free space to explore these emotions, nurturing them over the months of working on the project, letting them evolve through the relationships that sprouted between the characters. Through the medium of animation, working on Magnetism became an exploration of the beauty that lies in fearlessly loving someone.”

Philadelphia-based band Vacationer with Raman Djafari is refreshing and delightful.

Almost like they planned it that way.


Anywho, their 3rd full length album ‘Mindeset’ is a stage that the gang from VACATIONER uses to crystalizes their thoughts.

“The objective was to write songs that remind me how my brain needs to operate for my own wellbeing and happiness..that’s where the title comes from—the record’s filled with all these reminders that put me in a good mindset for the day.” – Vacationer.




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