Vacay Nick ‘Good Riddance’ : It’s your theme to start 2020, right.

You know you’re in the right place.

Vacay Nick

The new song by Vacay Nick is ‘Good Riddance’. Before we can say anything about it, you probably can guess what it’s really about. Yes. That’s right. It’s about letting go of the bad, thinking about it and brooding, then letting go of its poisons.

And when poisons like that stay for an un-welcomed amount of time, it festers. It festers and degrades. It degrades and eats at your soul. Broken and stale dreams, shattered hearts, and band visions that didn’t exist any longer, Vacay Nick takes them in stride.

Nick said: “’Good Riddance’ is about that crystallizing moment when you take stock on feelings, like you do at the end of each year … all the highs and lows sort of flatten into either cheers or curses. It’s not necessarily about forgetting the hard times — there’s usually some good in the bad, and even a ‘good riddance’ is a welcome thing — but it’s about choosing not to let the bitterness of stale dreams, severed bands, or broken hearts influence the future. It’s discovering that ends hold less power than beginnings. So, shed your calloused skin.”

Staying in the past, is a timed event. The frustrations and madness that comes with plans not coming to full fruition, must be delegated, then disposed of. If not, then the next 10 days, will turn into 10 years. And those 10 years of not letting go, will become 30 more.

A whole lot of living would be missed, or under appreciated, indeed.

‘Good Riddance’ is a fabulous song with all of the hooks at the right points of contention to pull the listener right in. And when inside the vibes of what Nick is offering, you know you’re in the right place, at the right time. The Radiohead / MUSE like shimmer, simmers with vexing throatiness and an undertow effervescence that pours out with 90’s grunge-pop edges.

‘Good Riddance’ is your theme to start 2020, right.

Vacay Nick is Nick Aranda of Paper Route. Taking a literal break, and making some fab solo music.



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