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Vaeda Black // LVR BOY // Vessbroz // Old Man Canyon // Jay Bird

Vaeda Black – Run Fast

Inflection make a big different sometimes. In life. In voice. VAEDA BLACK’s sing’e ‘Run Fast’ makes a bold claim of talent and accessibility. And it wins in a big way. The ups and downs of a notion, catches into a hyper-loop of love and emotions. The hurricane of wants and wonton dispositions, clash with rude variety. Intervention of the Universe is black and blue and never it may perish. Vaeda’s vocals talk in these such tones, with every syllable and note. Vexing silences are filled with the interwoven severity of the truth in her vocals. The slow banger, sits atop of your vices, gorging on the bodies of lost and recovered. The 17 year old pop artist has much more to say. Her musical vision is bigger than you think. She is that inflection of music that we all needed.


“This song is about being lost in your thoughts and your pain of a break up,” stated LVR BOY. “Being out of a relationship for a while but still having your ex pop up in your thoughts can be frustrating & this song is about that frustration of being unable to move on.” Struggles seem like mountains when they occur. Especially when a love is slipping away from you. The classic trip-hop based single ‘Lost In My Pain’ drizzles its way into your psyche, as you are drilled into place of hope and desperation, as the protagonist screams like your last. As the heart tears into the solar-plexus of your life, it punctures it with the right amount of irony. LVR BOY depicts that instance of knowledge. And he knows it’s hard. Always is.

Vessbroz – Walking In Grace ft P.I.T.

A lesson in delight and learned premonitions. A walk along the path of inginutiy and selflessness. You are who you are. Never forget. You can be who you are. Whenever and however you’d like. The chill out single that evokes Euro-pop and EDM vibes, culminate in ‘Walking In Grace’. VESSBROZ is brothers Armia and Arsham, both who produce and inject boppy electronic dance tunes that gets your nostalgia levels up, along with your modern sensitivities. The music video accompanies this odd but intriguing story telling of visions, looked in through the eyes of some on-lookers of life. With many millions in downloads, the brothers never seems to skip a beat.

Old Man Canyon – Run Away (Caspian Pool Remix)

OLD MAN CANYON is headed by Jett Pace. And with it he wields a dream-pop significance that never subsides. The pastel instruments, drip with honey sweetness. And yet, they razor cut through to a place of peaceful visions in torturous relationships and lovely losses. CASPIAN POOL takes that formula and makes it further shimmer, but amplifies in a world of empathy and affection that the original cast. The dancey and fun re-mix is a catalyst for a fabulous end of week, and for the love making to come with your partner. Oh yea. We said it. ‘Run Away’ is a culmination of 2 years of songwriting from OLD MAN CANYON and manifested itself in an album named ‘A Grand Facade’, which dropped in 2018.

Jay Bird – Let You Down feat. Danni Carra

Like a charming and rhythmic anthem for the heart, JAY BIRD’s single ‘Let You Down’ is nicely dealt with affection by vocalist Danni Carra. The California based producer JAY BIRD (Jason Brown), offers up a mix of emotions and melodic movements in this single. A ballet of expositions, crafted in the tears of lovers, and born again through the happiness of loves, reborn – the single is a testament to a work of electronic decadence. The slow drizzle of the progression looks at the goodness of a life between two lovers, who love and are committed to that sanctity. A commitment to a promise.


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