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Val Maugenest // NEW POSITION // Michelle Leclercq // Jay Warren // Girl Wilde

Val Maugenest – Know Better

VAL MAUGENEST is super talented. Bar none. Seems like to us, the singer/songwriter easily adjusts and develops singles that are, unto itself, a new era of distinction. It’s like finding a new species of animal in a far off land. It’s like finding life in a new planet, in a far off galaxy. It’s like finding a new ‘you’, after a devastating event in your life. The dark-electro artist is fabulous. Calm, collected, majestic, and understated – Val is all that you look for, in a sonic comrade. Get into Val, for she’s entered your psyche already. Might as well.


“I liked the idea of juice as a metaphor for the full range of life experience, good bad and everything in between,” stated bandlead, KONL. “We talk about life as juice without even realising – people have a thirst for life, or we like it when the vibe is flowing, or we even ‘drink it in’ when we see some magnificent view.” Perspective is real in NEW POSITION. It’s conviction for a certain outcome. It’s that forethought of making popular hooks that just entertain with zero pretense. It’s just so much fun. ‘That Juice’ is the product of undeniable funk-pop from the Leeds, UK based mega-band (9 members) NEW POSITION. As they say, “It tastes good”. Sure does.

Michelle Leclercq – Present Past Future

From her EP ‘Self Love’, MICHELLE LECLERCQ’s voice in her single ‘Present Past Future’ brings down the heavens onto our heavy hearts, then lifts it to a level of contentment, it deserves. The Argentina-born, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/producer brings straight forward heart-popping hooks in this single. Sometimes, it is just good to just stop and smell the roses. And that time is here with Michelle’s single ‘Present Past Future’. So, relax, have a sit, wind down, and let’s enjoy this moment.

Jay Warren – Felony Love

“‘Felony Love’ is interesting because it’s a natural oxymoron,” said JAY WARREN of the single. “From the title, to the way the music and vocals juxtapose the lyrics. The song speaks to a dysfunctional relationship in which the narrator feels trapped by the love he has for his significant other.” The sultry vocals of r&b/soul artist JAY WARREN, makes it really impossible to resist the urges. The urges of feeling like falling head fast into the well of love, you’d never thought you’d come across. It’s a hit to the head and heart, with the kind of force that is as cosmic as it can be. Love. Jay is based out of Salt Lake City and makes your heart go like…yea. His debut album drops January 2019.

Girl Wilde – Nervous Breakdown

Understandably, GIRL WILDE (Alex Barnes) doesn’t like fu*kin’ around. The compelling pop artist makes it her mission in her single ‘Nervous Breakdown’, her defiance to fateful degradation during a relationship that’s just not working out. It’s about the strength that needs to be revealed within. After all, if you don’t know you have that kind of ‘power’, you will never be able to use it, right? Alex sheds tears but at the same time, not dwelling too long on the collapse. It’s the meanings of the heart. It will mend. You will be stronger.


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