Val Son ‘Quieter’ : Blood, sweat, and tears mix into the truth of the band’s beautiful musical DNA.

Val Son

“It’s a song about being alone, losing work, and fear of the future in these new and unprecedented times.” Off of EP ‘Remote’, ‘Quieter’ is a hymn-sicle beauty of black and the darker. A brooding flower of emotions, blooming in the shaded corner of life and a lonesome exposition. ‘Remote’ is the prelude to the full album ‘A House Painted Black’, due out in the fall of 2020.

“This album, for us, is a product of our times, both thematically and logistically,” expanded Val Son. “Student debt, stagnant hourly wages and costs tied to healthcare, rent and making bottom lines pushed us to question and get creative in producing and affording a record in 2020. We therefore decided to record ‘A House Painted Black’ ourselves. While at times tedious, this process felt true to the DIY aesthetic we each grew up around, in one way or another. This approach gave us the space to write and be thoughtful of each part, and ultimately resulted in us becoming much closer as friends and collaborators.”

Minneapolis originating band brings gorgeous, Fleetwood Mac-like gradients of intellectual subtleties and rousing intrusions in reality versus the unaffectionate.

Eric Carlson, Jordan Taylor, Emily Mohrbacher and Michael Gunvalson together are Val Son.


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