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VAL-VERREL Shares Psyche-Pop Induced HipHop Passion In Single ‘I Wash’.

VAL-VERREL is an artist based in London and has a certain vision for the future. “My vision is to influence and ignite a new excitement for music and creativity, through dynamic lyrical expression and use of unorthodox production. My art is energetic, spiritual self-expression.”


But he backs it up with the kind of production, with delectable layering of different genres with the unique touch of, what we feel is the ‘V-V’ touch. That is demonstrated within the single ‘I Wash’, which is framed in a fascinating psyche-pop-shoegazy plain of sights and sounds, but anchored in the rhythms and grit of grime & rap.

Yes. 10-out-of-10 would agree that it’s an interesting offering, to say the least.

“I wash is an eclectic track that dives into spiritual themes and connectivity to higher realms of being,” stated V-V. “I ‘wash’ represents a shift from the natural into a supernatural state where the tangible presence of God is experienced.”

The world is a large place, and we’re all very small within it.

Maybe someday we all can aspire to be inwardly ‘bigger’ than what we really are in our physical states.

Let’ keep going.



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