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Valencia James // Josha Daniel // VenessaMichaels // Tova Glyt // PPJ

Valencia James – Dreamers

Following the release of her debut single ‘Flames’, which garnered both critical and commercial acclaim, Valencia is back with the highly anticipated ‘Dreamers’. Valencia said: “I wrote Dreamers at a time in my life when I was learning how to dream again and believe for dreams that I had forgotten about. It’s kind of that song where I was just like, ‘Why can’t I do all the things that I want to?’ I had just come out of a period of depression about my future and this was my song … let’s all just start dreaming again and going for what we want in life”. New York born, Sydney bred dark-pop artist Valencia James, her song though regards doubt and sadness, the empowering songstress aims to cast light on even the most difficult of times, every time she sings. With the aspiration that her music will encourage others to believe in themselves, Valencia preaches that we can do whatever we set our minds to and that we have more in us than we think we do.

Josha Daniel – Dream Of You

Josha Daniel is renowned for his mesmerizing vocals on his recent collabs with Quentyn, called ‘Higher’ and ‘On Your Mind’. Being the former centrepiece of the popular Indie Rock band called Silent War, he now uncovered his passion for producing, moving forward as solo producer (and singer). ‘Dream Of you’ is a sultry single that is both expansive and undulating. It expresses with ol’ school new-wave aesthetics and electronic music that is scrumptiously organic and vivid. The Dutch artist keeps this single in the best light of lights, and successfully delivers with an 80’s coming of age vocals that is devastatingly dark and ambitious relevance.

VenessaMichaels ft Leslyn x Outlaw The Artist – Spell On Me

LA based DJ, producer and songwriter VenessaMichaels has revealed her brand new video for “Spell On Me” (feat. Leslyn and Outlaw the Artist). The video is the long awaited missing chapter of the 1NFINITY saga, complete with a post-credits scene that links to 1NFINITY’s sinister and gory music video for Pictureplane’s ‘Hyper Real’. “This song feels like when you first meet someone who lights up everything inside of your soul, but then you lose them and you’re not sure if you’ll ever see them again,” said VenessaMichaels. “When I made a rough version of this beat I immediately thought of Outlaw The Artist to hop on it because he’s from the island Montserrat, but he grew up in London so has an English accent and has the island mixed in it. He laid down this fire verse and hook idea and then he actually introduced me to Leslyn who wrote the hook of the song. I was thrown when I got it back. Together they made this insane, magical topline.”

Tova Glyt – No Ordinary Girl

“This song is in the alternative pop/ alternative rock genre,” said Tova Glyt. “For me as an artist I appreciate a lot when there are real musicians playing on the recording. I find it very catchy with this pumping piano.” Indeed it is. With vibes of Taylor Swift and tints of modern country-pop, the effervescent single from Tova, glistens in the snow, as you walk down that pathway with the girl of your dreams. A song of positivity and relationship, is a fascinatingly fresh take on a straight on pop song that has piano and guitar and all of the things that make the end of you day, a little bit better. Mission accomplished. The artist from Sweden sure knows her pop.

PPJ – Lies

Driven to love. Love for only one. He lived for the thrill of her. She lived for the sanctity, he promised. ‘Lies’ is a dramatically stated visions of a love and loss, where battle and war wages on within and from without. The delicate nature of hearts’ desires, ramble with distractions and habits of un-controllable rapture. The vocals to the synth make up of the song, keeps those flames of passion up front, and never forgotten. He lived for her. She thrived with him. A combination of concoctions that will explode in a compassionately corrosive vision. Oh the passion.


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