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Valentino Khan // Lyonbrotherz x Greenskiez // PLS&TY // Rony Rex // Break Science

Valentino Khan – Pony

‘Pony’ is the first from his upcoming EP. Excited?? Yes. You should be. Deep bass that shakes your man-booty. Succulent derivatives accentuating every fiber of your womanly silhouette. This song let’s you know what you’re in for. And that is the battle tested cry for utter ecstasy. Calm at times, just to make you ‘think’, the EDM thrust is what you need on this hump day, of days. Want that weekend to come around quicker? You want your girl to kiss you deeper? You want your guy to dance like he’s never cared but for you? VALENTINO KHAN knows what’s up. He’s your therapist for this day. Dance you fool. Dig it.

Lyonbrotherz x Greenskiez – Hit The Floor

Drops? Lyonbrotherz knowz. With collab with Greenskiez, the letter ‘Z’ will never get out of fashion. Do you know what else will always be in fashion? ‘Hit The Floor’, that’s what. The single is an EDM and house vexation of volume and indignities, all wrapped up in a kaleidoscope of colors and simple decadence to dance. Oh, did we make it clear that you must dance to this single? Yes. You. The fun duo with mixed emotions and a prodigious sense for humor and good times, makes tequila shots in the jacuzzi of life and lives it up. They want you to join them. Will you? See you there.

PLS&TY – Run Wild

PLS&TY (pronounced ‘Please and Thank You’) brings this fabulous single ‘Run Wild’ to the fore. The Palm Beach originating producer (now based out of Los Angeles), delivers with high intensity word loops, creating this vast wall of visions that are inspiring at a visceral contentment and in such pragmatism. The Universe is here. PLS&TY’s mixes have been played/championed by K-Pop outfit GOT7, and his songs have been synced in TV series with brands like Hershey. The talented artist just knows what and how to reveal music that connect. ‘Run Wild’ is no different, as it seeks levels of copious hooks with attractions that gives you pause for what music can become.

Rony Rex – Milk It feat. Carla Monroe

Carla Monroe is killer on RONY REX’ latest ‘Milk It’. The combination is just so tasty. Just like a caramel candy – so delicious, so emotional, so undoubtedly repeatable. Open the wrapper to ‘Milk It’ and you come to a place of decadence of what Rony Rex is known for. Fun, bouncy, reminiscent of beats like Azealia Banks used to, this fun and bouncy, no excuses dance craze is the perfect outfit for the summer of your dreams. It starts off your ‘today’, with the notions of ‘tomorrow future’, and it never stops. It drives with unrelenting energy, and it demands the utmost from you. So. You dance. You bounce. Like you’d always wanted to. Rony stated the song “has a message I can align myself with.” Carla added that the song “celebrates success – investing the sweat, grit and determination to make a dream reality and then making the most of the moment to celebrate when it all pays off; ie “Milking It’.” Whoa. Good sh*t, don’t you think?

Break Science – Coded Theory

Future bass makers of shifts in reality, BREAK SCIENCE is comprised of keyboardist/producer/jazz pianist Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights Live Band) and funk/hip-hop drummer extraordinaire Adam Deitch (Lettuce). The power duo is here to move you. And with electro-soul and beats from the heavens, singles like ‘Coded Theory’ depicts a place of decadenceComing off of their 2018 full-length LP ‘Grid of Souls’, the duo will deliver singles through out 2019, where the plan starts with ‘Coded Theory’. Incisive and procured of the pedigree of what the future may bring, the positive and anointed goodness, vibes with amber colors, warming and inviting for the listeners here and now. See the duo next at Summer Meltdown Festival 2019, August 1st in Washington.


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