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Valid Light Shares Folk Single ‘When Darkness Still Drags On’.

Touch me up, touch me down. We won’t ever know what’s in my brain. What’s in my heart. Can you find out, then tell me on the rotary phone, slowly dialing, listening to the clicking, finger round and round. I’m confused, for you make me confused. Help me understand you. Help yourself, understand me.

She was kicked around, from side to side when she was a young lass. She knew then what she new now, that she’d always will be the one that was on the ground. Crying, helpless, powerless.

He was kicked around, all the time. Mentally exhausted, from trying to anticipate what was around the corner. Some dread, always existing, always seeping into his consciousness and mental health. Osmosis, ground up in a peppercorn grinder of a world – which he lived, existed. Barely existed.

Many decades have passed, we survived. She survived. He survived. Grown and stronger, passing down the lessons learned to their kid’s kids – proud of those knocks on their souls.

“‘When Darkness Still Drags On’ aims to touch on the massive volume of injustice – in all shapes, forms and shades of egregiousness – that seems to occur in society today. It’s as much a reflection of collective injustice as it is a way for me to cope with a personal injustice.”

Valid Light is set to release their formal debut EP later on in 2018.


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