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Valley Queen – Hold On You

Valley Queen’s Hold On You gently takes one’s inner candle light and protects it with all its might. In a close to existing, style-ism to an ever-holding Harvest Moon-esque folksy extravaganza, Hold On You completes its plea to love, fight, struggle, and the return to love.

It makes us harder, and stronger doesn’t it?

Love can be a devastating strain. Malevolent bully, can be said of it. The double edged sword, wields the sharpened intentions and causes deep wounds.

One centimeter deep? No. One inch deep? No. One foot deep? Maybe. Probably. In a figurative sense, we are dead – for a while. It all seems lost. Our expressions are announced in different ways, because of our individual uniqueness. However, the mourning is the same, heavy, and burdensome sacks of wheat.

Our days grow longer, resentful – a struggle to concentrate, a struggle to agitate – a reply from our mental coma. We all try, but for a while, it’s hard. The key is not in sight.

But there’s a sliver of light. Not bright, but at least it’s something.

And we take it. It’s a glimmer of hope, in a time of desperation.

It pulls one from the depths of the deep sea, you take your first real breath.

It’s been a long while.

Definitely, it’s been a long while.

Let’s try it again.



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