Valleyheart ‘T.I.K.’ : Celestial finger to your temple thought in provocation and indulgence.

Valleyheart / Photo: Benjamin Lieber

‘T.I.K’ (an acronym for Thoughts I Keep) is the culmination of thought in palm in mind, and in living. It’s the alternative definition of what we fish for in our own mentalities and shortcomings.

Featuring clashing guitars, wistful soundscapes and punk inspired vocals, ‘T.I.K.’ is a dynamism at the core, of all that we admire and expect.

Starting with the introspective and blanketing shimmer of frontman Kevin Klein, the 4 piece’s masterful rock rendition curtails none and offers the celestial finger to your temple thought in provocation and indulgence.

The four-piece formed in 2016 with the idea of rearranging Kevin’s haunting folk songs (written in his home closet studio) into rock.

Success continues.


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