Vandalye ‘Blame The Record’ : A melodic entrenchment, undefined and new. A birth of glamor in reminisce.


Insightful, and tender. A touch of class in an unfair and dog-eat-dog world of love and loss. ‘Blame The Record’ delivers in the beauty and of falters of emotions in entanglement.

Formed in Dubai consisting of identical twins Lucas and Thomas McCone and lead singer Scott Attew, Vandalye have seen a quick rise in their music career. After being the opening acts for music giants like Sir Elton John and Lionel Richie, Vandalye released their debut album Cigarettes & Minarets in February 2020.

The trio brings the best of a tradition that encapsulates the vibes expansed by bands like Aquilo and SOHN. A melodic entrenchment, undefined and new, a birth of glamor ensues through the guitar viabilities of Vandalye’s reminisce.

Look for more from the Dubai based band.


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