Varfalvy ‘FATALISTA (Bleed it Dry)’ : Personally invites you to his sanctum of joy.


The loop sings with joy, as it bleeds you dry of your will and denomination. A curt salute to a day of gone-by remorse, ‘FATALISTA’ delivers in the angst of eastern and of the former. A grand experimentation of sights and sounds, collapse in a sweat built shiver.

““I mostly draw inspiration from my mother. Her art is embedded in the esoteric realm — a cosmos full of angels, crystals and spiritual artifacts. She even paints UFOs! So I grew up surrounded by balkan new-age art,” said Varfalvy. “It was the sound of my mom’s infinite love, how could I possibly hate it? So I had to make that other inner voice shine, it was relevant and fundamental to my identity and its existence was undeniable.”

“This song is a critical point of view on Fatalism and Determinism. It is the first single of my upcoming 2nd EP called Origins.”

Montreal based and glowing, the music-man with a purpose, personally invites you to his sanctum of joy. Varfalvy’s fabulous production, ripens like the perfect fruit, tasty and flavorful and memorable.


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