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Vargas & Lagola // Bittercup // MaRRius // Le Son // Dan Edmonds

Vargas & Lagola – Forgot To Be Your Lover

”It’s a story of neglected love, as well as reflection of what love really means if one person drags the other one down in the gutter,” the duo say about the track. ”We wrote it while searching for a melancholic piece in Vargas & Lagola’s musical puzzle. With it, we created our own space to experiment with and express what’s on our minds”. Salem Al Fakir and Vincent Pontare are the Grammy-winning Swedish songwriting, production and artist duo behind a litany of hits for artists including Madonna, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Katy Perry, Ghost and Sia. The languid revival of the 70’s tinged single deludes no one of how powerfully produced the song is. The radiant mannerisms is perfection as the pop-ness courses through the menagerie of tones and layers of a song that just brings it all the way around. Another fabulous single from the duo, extraordinaire.

Bittercup – Napkin

Bittercup is a New Plymouth based alternative rock band in the vein of Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails or Placebo. Callum Wagstaff had spent 9 years on dialysis, got a kidney transplant late last year and then decided to form a band and start playing shows and releasing music written during that 9 year period. In May 2019 he released the “Negative Space” EP, which Happy Mag called “a bleak but undeniably endearing collection of alt-rock gems.” In the same month he went on a 7 leg North Island tour with Emily Riordan called “The Quiter Tour”. Callum doesn’t waste time, as he know how valuable time can be. The limiting factors of the Universe is summed up in the vestule of the heart and mind of the creator. In this case, Callum decided his creation of himeself – the 2nd chapter of himself – will drive like the wind and wouldn’t look back. The power of such attitude comes alive in his music and then some. Something to look into for our own selves, don’t you think? See him next in Whanganui, New Zealand @ Lucky Bar + Kitchen on October 19th.

MaRRius – Back To Strangers

MaRRius is a West London Singer / Songwriter who started on piano, converted to guitar, and collaborates with a wide range of talented musicians in the UK, US and Europe. On ‘Back To Strangers’, French producer Vincent Choquet adds a warped synthetic edge to Marrius’ irrepressible song writing talent, creating a groove ready head-nodder. Songwriter/Producer Livingstone Brown (Ed Sheeran, Shakira, Kylie Minogue) co-wrote every track, adding his unique storytelling and expansive musical knowledge helping Marrius mix modern electronics with a soulful pop edge. Just imagine early The Weeknd, jamming with Keith Richards all pumped through a French modular synth…quite the combination. See him next @ The Waiting Room, London on November 8th.

Le Son – Burning Plastic

Le Son are London duo of Emily Ady and Liam Fergus. With Fergus’s background as a trained pianist, LE SON partner elaborate harmonic motifs with close-mic vocal techniques that create a sense of eerie intimacy, calling to mind ASMR-style whispering. The slithering efforts of the world, from which all the stresses expound, there is a small oasis of exasperatingly relaxing rhythms and spoken word-like beauty. There you’ll find Le Son’s single ‘Burning Plastic’. The charred remains of the heart, guides you into the next realm of existence. Never mind the clouds that signal the end, you must endure to get to the other side of that impending doom. The doom of rage, amplified by the unrequited trails of possible love – not excavated for preview. Beautiful vocals of Emily, deliver us from the reality, and to a ship for fools of romance and decadence. We’re here Le Son. We’re here and waiting for more. Their previous single ‘Ava’ landed on #1 of Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist and went on to be in Spotify’s worldwide Viral Top 50, as well as the local ones in NA and much of Europe. Join them at their launch party October 30th, in London @ The House of St Barnabas.

Dan Edmonds – two thirds of a fifth

Dan Edmonds’ upcoming LP ‘Sofie’ will drop November 22nd. ‘Softie’ is the Hamilton, Ontario-based artist’s second solo effort following 2016’s ‘Ladies On The Corner’. Softie can generally be described as a foray into impressionistic pop, produced by one of Canada’s masters of the genre, Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck, Alvvays), and the fact that each of Softie’s 10 tracks clock in under three minutes underscores the attention to detail that went into crafting them. “In a sense, this LP dovetails traditional and contemporary elements,” Edmonds said. “I was listening to a lot of Burt Bacharach at the time—his songs and arrangements remain elusive to me—and Graham was listening to Vince Staples when I met him. I’d done a lot of writing before we got together, but much of the album ended up being improvised in the studio. If we gravitated towards a tempo, or a chord structure, we recorded it and always attempted to turn it into a song.” Single, ‘two thirds of a fifth’ is the story of a loss that didn’t need to be. Life is hard that way. Hard as a jerk can be sometimes. But with Dan’s soothing 70’s pop shimmer guiding your way, the positivity seems to seep in, step by step from the edges abound. There’s more where songs like ‘two thirds of a fifth’ comes from. Check out the 10 track ‘Sofie’ when drops.


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