Vargas & Lagola ‘Somebody That Understands Me’ : gaining desires, and a truth that could never die.

Vargas & Lagola

“It’s about finding those rare people in life who truly understand you for who you are, even though you don’t fit in the mold. It’s not an easy thing”, Vargas & Lagola said. ”We wanted to make a classic 12 string rock ballad in our own way. The plan that day was actually to write a song for Post Malone, but when we started with the guitar riff we got a bit carried away and it took a whole other direction.”

Swooning for the seasons to change, for that special someone who’d take away the pain. It’s the beckoning dream and unrelenting desire, which was never out of sight.

“You and me, we’ll conquer the world. Will you be with me, to do just that?”

“Yes. If you promise, I’ll be there with you all the way… Until the ends of the earth.”

With deliciously decadent AOR metal guitar and V&L’s lovingly crafted vocals and lyrics, takes you off on a fantasy land of glitter and beauty. ‘Somebody That Understands Me’ delivers with gaining desires, and a truth that could never die.

The debut album drops January 31.

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2020 we are coming for you

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