Varices ‘The Wolf Inside’ : Harmonic destruction, riles you up and kicks you to eternity.

newest 6-track EP called ‘Pitch Black Art’ is out now.


Swedish metal band Varices introduce their newest 6-track EP called ‘Pitch Black Art’. The EP contains both deep and hard rock tracks, the lyrics of which deal with the thoughts and problems that you experience but do not dare to address.

Varices was formed “at a bar” in Norrköping Sweden in 2017. After starting their career with one of the metal genre’s best results in the Livekarusellen for many years, the band has since remained highly active and has performed shows all over Sweden.

The Swedish metal band, with members aged 19-20 who deliver some badass metal mania, comes at you with a song like ‘The Wolf Inside’ that is at another level of maturation and outstanding production. The notes on notes, reveled with the harmonic destruction from the duo vocals, rile you up and kicks you to eternity.

It’s a wild ride.

The latest EP is available now.


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