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VARLEY – Disease

“If it wasn’t yours, it was mine”. Hearts are bent through the eye of the needle, to cope with the strain in getting too late to the party. Your invitation to that formal of love and possibilities, was lost on the way to translation. Liz Phair, Fiona Apple, the darkness and the light – they come to play in the understated contrasts of Claire-Ann’s vocals. Each delight of thought and persuasion, dance with that shimmer of a prom partner’s dress. ‘Disease’ counters with a soft rendition, of harshness and grit, as the trio of Varley, dances as wolves do, underneath the white hot moonlight. Inspired by the writing of Gail Honeyman’s ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’, Claire-Ann’s frighteningly easy way of writing her own complexities into her chosen words, delights and makes our emotions grimace for the next chapter to come. The band has released their first EP ‘Phantom Studies’ May of 2019, delivering on the promise of honesty and integrity for songwriting alertness. The Dublin originating (Berlin based), Claire-Ann, dubs with glare intentions and rhythmic innuendos in ‘Disease’. The triple meanings of the song, layer out fantasies of meaning and doubt, ultimately dowsing your assumptions with contextual ambiguities. The band consists of Claire-Ann Varley, Matthias Heising, and Joschka Bender; and they make things worth while and then some. Let Varley slap you in the face, in cold and delicious sweat.

Oscar Thorburn – Burning Out

Said Oscar: “I wrote it during a very difficult time in my life and a time where I was waking up feeling very burnt out from trying so hard to make every one around me happy but myself.”
Curtains close down to reveal the darkness of the room. Your mind and soul, awaiting that inspiration to know thyself, once again. The cutting sun rays through the curtain, shows sparkles of dust and situations, that float with no decision or wary. You feel floating and never settled in this life you’d forged. Like a poof of dried paper, at the corner of a fire-pit, your vibrance and liveliness, is compelled with the most monumental movement in awareness. Your virtual skin scorched to the heat of the desert, you ponder the road you’d dug out. Will my ashes be lifted above this fire-pit and float into the ether like those dust grains highlighted by the sun rays through the curtains? Or will the gravity of the Universe crush me underneath its bearing and unfathomable heel of attraction to destruction? Must pull out of this madness. Must. Oscar’s delivery of ‘Burning Out’ is subtle and jaunted. The right amount of nervousness, with the tanginess of self confidence, juts through the veil, which might carry with it the blood of sacrifice and ultimate escape. Story continues.

Strath – Loops

Why does it have to be this way? Why does your words hurt the way it does? Will the pictures of our past and present, merge into the swaths of glazing visions that we’d talked about in whispers underneath the covers? Our conversations, delivered in glances and winks, never to be told again in this physical world – to die with us to our hearts’ graves. Undaunted in the wisdom of parry and indignation, we still whisper in our dreams and part ways as our cells drift apart with the world seemingly crumbling around us. Will you love me? Will you love me? Will you be with me – forever? If your answer is NO, then the reply will not be accepted. Because our memories will always meet in that stratosphere of the once unforgettable lust. “I say again. Will you live on forever? Will you love me? Then really love me?” Strath is Australian, graduated from Harvard, lives and works in Los Angeles. He’s here to serve up slices of decadence, in pieces of shattered stories, and glass-like hearts. The nostalgia and pulmonary synths, brings you to a place of unadulterated gush of emotions, as his finale of words and pictures, push the needle right into your mind’s balloon. POP. No return.

Serratone – Dreams

Serratone are a 3-piece powerhouse from Newton-Le-Willows. Joe Hill, Ben Cunliffe, and Oly Nash make up this fast and punk-rock scene of ecstasy. Calling Manchester their home this 3 piece band begin to break new ground across the country often traveling to Leeds and London. The heart pounding grump of the band is paced with immaculate irreverence, where head bouncing ‘truths’ comes off the songs like rain. Tight and top shelf play, brings brisk intelligence to their offerings, as their listeners can’t help but get swept up by the resurgent attitudes of the chords and immediate emotional sweat. ‘Dreams’ is that perfect combination of tang, as the raucous valence of the song, arises to the occasion, never letting you get away with taking a break from the revelry. Fun is the operative word. Pre-requisite, indeed. See them next @ LiveBars, Warrington England November 23rd.

Kim Free – Day Crush

Los Angeles native, Kim Free is a violinist/singer-songwriter who has released three solo albums, Angel Shadow (2012), Nevermind the Blue Skies (2014), and Slips (2018). Off of her latest ‘Finally Tells All’, Kim’s deft description of her music and style, is once again, delivered with fabulous oddity and extremities. A vision for color and twists, Kim’s art-folk delivery, casts that fold of meaning and tongue-in-cheek flavor that is charming to the n’th degree, while it helps you revert back to that lo-fi galaxy you’d missed. Kim’s attention to detail is apparent throughout her production, as each word and vocal accents, tinge off of the instruments – shattering while caressing in self directed eviscerations of the matrix. ‘Day Crush’ was recorded by Tabor Allen (Cherry Glazerr) and features Allen Bleyle and Brian Hill. Kim’s works are a jagged little pill of fabulousness that once swallowed, will show you a different angle to the Universe you’d known. It’s a beautiful and exotic project from Kim, to be sure.


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