Varsity Star ‘Headphones Kid’ : Vibe against the delight of the universe, to and fro, with no end in joy.

'Headphones Kid'

Glitchy and melodic, this track is from Varsity Star’s upcoming EP, “That’s Something”. Said VS: “I recorded this with vintage analog synths, drum samples, and my childhood home’s piano.” The artist is a Brooklyn-based electronic musician. Growing up in the suburbs of Boston, he played jazz through college until deciding he would be more comfortable making music by himself.

As legend has it:

After a biblical flea infestation in his apartment, he fled to Berlin in 2017 and recorded his first full-length, Model Home, playing gigs in basements, a Danish church, and a few legitimate venues in Brooklyn. In 2020, he’s back in Brooklyn and mostly pest-free, having released is latest record, “Things Look Better from Far Away, and gearing up for a slew of shorter form releases to follow.

‘Headphones Kid’ is another continuing extension of what Varsity Star brings to the proverbial table. Enticing, voluptuous, up-ending, and radical – the pitch and yaw of the songs, vibe against the delight of the universe, to and fro, with no end in joy.

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#tbt Moog acid bass to my face 🔼

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