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Vassilikos // Bryan Deister // Wy // Plotz // KINOLECTRO

Vassilikos – The Opposite Of Love

London based artist VASSILIKOS finds himself evolving again with his newest singles. One is ‘The Opposite Of Love’. The veteran of music and multiple previous albums with group projects, hands us a fulfilling single of this, for us, for the world. The prog-rock elements, mixed in psychedelic rock sentiments, rivet you to the seat of spacial integrities. You travel in that Universe of truths – your truth to power in this single. off of his first solo effort, the ‘Amazing Grey’ album, the solo project is an inlay of opulence and triumphs from the Greece originating pop subjugator.

Bryan Deister – The Strawberries

Death has nothing on BRYAN DEISTER. Life has nothing on BRYAN DEISTER. Reality calls as it knocks on the door of submissions. From his concept efforts, this profound architectural and sonically hedonistic embolism of a single, sings with the deference of the storms to come and the pitter patter of your feet running. Screaming. Towards the endless voice, and nonchalance, your eyes open wide to a different realm of possibilities, as the troubles lie just behind, but far away enough, for your future to seem bright. This project by Bryan (especially of this single) is a disgorging of deep inner thoughts, that hadn’t seen the light of day. Until now. Don’t get burned.

Wy – Tired II

Ebba and Michel make up the project, Wy. ‘Tired II’ is a dance in word form, interpretive and at the same time an 80’s tinged rebellion for that ounce of feelings that trickle, isolated, needing your caress. The duo’s lyrical work is always poignant and decadent. It solves the foundations of why, we humans, think the way they do – finish lines of sentences to the ones we love – the way we do. The mysteries astound Wy, and as they take deeper treks through that wilderness, we want to be there too. Voyeuristic indulgence is a synonym to our inner desires. Wy keeps the door cracked open, just a bit.

Plotz – Baby Shakes

PLOTZ has come back with a refreshment like a summer icy in ‘Baby Shakes’. Tough and never compromising, the protagonist is through in indicating the challenges that are in front of him. She is the challenge. The relationship is that gap to pull and fulfill. The lo-fi indie-pop single takes that sentiment and amplifies to an alternative Universe. ‘Baby Shakes’ is the kind of delicious flavor you’re about to received from their upcoming EP (due later this year). Psyche, rock, pop – the trifecta of dainty progresses of life, molded in songs, born of trepidations. Whoa. Perfect formula, indeed. Look out for Plotz.


Did you just listen to that first verse?? Indelibly and exasperatingly, tasty. That’s what you hear and your eyes widen. KINOLECTRO makes you transform into another kind of animal. And it’s okay to do so. You have permission to do exactly that. The Hollywood California based band is the combination of art-tastic and musically gifted duos of Dakota Blue and Jenny Nirgends. And from ‘Rip Bravo’ we can hear the decadence and abstract magnificence that we’d come to enjoy of Dakota Blue’s solo project. Jenny adds another profound layer of weight into ‘Rip Bravo’ that is hard to deflect or ignore. And that is something to shout from the mountaintops about. The duo represents ‘Rip Bravo’ beautifully and memorably. KINOLECTRO’s EP ‘Classic Kino Style’ is upcoming. Get ready.


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