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VC Pines // JANOS // Draper // Strandels // Michelle Leclercq

VC Pines – Nervous

Jack Mercer is the mind behind VC PINES and it is where he shines as a solo artist, delves deep into the rich forest of r&b/soul tractions, with poetry as a precursor to a grander, sonic scheme. Jack observed the observable: “I noticed the skin from around my nails and my nails themselves were almost non-existent from constantly picking away when having important meetings or deep in writing sessions when my brain was no longer on this planet.” And from thought of seeming insignificance, rallies the mind and soul to deeper and richer fishing grounds of the ocean that is Jack’s mind. His fingers touching the invisible, his own self existence changes in micro-meters, which might as well be a light year’s worth of evolution. It is the same for Jack. Small or large. They make him – his new project – belong in a vacuum, worthy of challenge and hopefulness. VC is us. But he just does it better, in every way. His latest EP ‘Indigo’ is out now.


“It’s not a vindictive song, it’s more like a ‘I do me and you do you’ type of thing,” revealed JANOS, “It’s about maximizing who you are and not listening to haters, fake friends and what society tells you to do”. Nervous that he’ll go through with it? He will. He has. For you’re listening to this single ‘ZERO’ and you are on his block list. Can’t you be more of a ‘contributor’ and not just a ‘siphon’? Be a good friend. Be a good person. Let’s make a vibrant community. If now, let’s not hang, any longer. A simple advice for the world at hand. We all should take heed. The Swedish born pop artist, wants us all to have a great life. So let’s make it happen.

Draper / Hannah Jane Lewis – Never Say Never

DRAPER said: “‘Never Say Never’ was a track that happened so naturally, it was an amazingly creatively smooth process with Hannah and Lauren. Hannah’s vocals are stunning and the music came together so naturally. It’s the giddy-ness of being in an exciting new relationship and feeling like you can do anything together.” Draper makes music in the UK. Draper makes music that hits at the core of love. Draper is what he is and nothing can change that. In the folds of life and ‘living life’, we see betterment. Emotions run high, as we seek, the one that can make everything right, once more. It’ll take time, but it’s the sacrifice that’s necessary. Will she arrive in time? Will he be the one?

Strandels – Love On Repeat

Comprised of siblings Tova and Sixten Strandell, the country tinged pop duo makes falling in love as easy as it can be. ‘Love On Repeat’ drives us to that place of significance and it all just feels good. As it’s intended to be. “I don’t think we ever had eyes for the act that we have become in the beginning,’ explained Sixten. ‘For us, the process happened organically. We both had our own early ambitions but by the time it came to forming Strandels the pieces just seemed to align perfectly.” The Sweden based duo are produced with excellence and drips with the kind of shine that lovers for in a pop band. Lovable, and talented, Tova and Sixten gathers up the whims of all of the lovers out there in the world and sets them for their appearance within their songs. Sentimentality is included in all facets of their music, and it’s fabulous.

Michelle Leclercq (Feat. Analisa Corral) – Wherever You Go

Argentina born, but based in Los Angeles, MICHELLE LECLERCQ brings ‘Wherever You Go’ with Analisa Corral featured as the compatriot whom displaying the decadence Michelle can bring. With energy and expectations rolled into each step of each verse, ‘Wherever You Go’ enlightens with harrowing quiver of emotional souls, battling against injustices of love and loss. It’s the overall balance that is most important, and Michelle’s English and Spanish mix of words and attached notions, make loving this hyper gentile and delectable single, all the more easier. Let’s keep the roll going.


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