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VEAUX Shares Delicious Pop Single ‘Heart Right’. “Questions fill the heart of hearts unrequited”

VEAUX is a fabulous new project by trio, Aaron Wagner, Andrew Black, and Dominic Wagner. Formerly known as ‘Medic-‘ in a former life, the indie band comes at us with pop tunes that just are both melancholic, and joyous. A blending of vibes that, at times, hard to accomplish for bands, VEAUX knocks that aesthetic, out of the proverbial park.

The Colorado-to-Nashville band started to take on a more pop tune direction with their sound, and boy, are we glad they did.

Before VEAUX, the journey of VEAUX started when they were all growing up in their family households, living their lives as children do. But as they matured, their outlook on life changed. Mainly, curiosity and the skill of being skeptical about their environments (and other conceptual situations) crept into their now young adult minds.

As their personalities were being self-groomed for an artist’s life, deep philosophical questions crept in: “Who’s actually in charge? Why are certain people excluded from their community? What’s the main goal of it all?”, etc.

‘Heart Right’ is a song about that time of their lives, living in very Christian families, being told that their ‘inquiries’ were ‘un-natural’ and something that shouldn’t be by others. As a rebellion, and a stamp on that authority, the song captures that confusion in time.

Knowing better that they were in the right to ask questions, the trio has made a success of their work through this single. A single that is vibrant and ‘forgiving’, it is a bookmark of a song that keeps a note on the margins, but never trying to brood against what has already happened.

A silent revolution to those days of past.

The band stated: “‘Heart Right’ is a song that we needed to write for many reasons. A few of the songs we put out in our first year of being in a band didn’t quite capture the three of us in the way we needed it to, although I think we learned a lot. With this song, and the songs to come, we’ve worked hard to keep the pop sensibilities and also be three guys in a room playing music. This track captures our wrestle with God and other mysteries of the universe. We grew up in church all of our lives and always felt like the black sheep in the flock. We had questions. We had thoughts. We had issues. ‘Heart Right’ talks about some of the struggles we have with our faith and saying goodbye to faith of our childhood and the days we felt so certain about everything.”

Just as life is complex sometimes, VEAUX wrote about their internal struggles in ‘Heart Right’.

Contrasts and doubts, replaced with facts and affection, the band moves forward. Independent, and confident, the 3 men walk with head held high, and ‘honesty’ in their hearts.

How it’s supposed to be.



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