Veda x Adam Arcadia ‘Blood on Your Hands’ : Where scars are forever, just like love could be.


‘Blood on Your Hands’ from collaboration between Veda and Adam Arcadia, soothes your anger, while deepening the passions that boils with each turn of each day. Brooding and consequential, the memories of sonic ambrosia, kills with a silent gaze and deliciously ponders that sultry of vibes.

The track is a collaborative cut with Adam Arcadia’s deep, rich vocals perfectly complimenting Veda’s sultry vocal style,” said Veda. “The instrumentation lingers softly in the background leaving room for numerous vocal layers that fill the song to further draw in the listener.”

“Falling for someone who plays you for a fool and walking the line together towards the ultimate revenge,” continued Veda. “The song smoothly blends the two artists’ styles together; keeping the dark, seductive themes heard in the music…”

A vengeful decadence, lives in ‘Blood on Your Hands’, where scars are forever, just like love could be.


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