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Veers Shares ‘Taxi’. “The harsh, bitter, sweet, confusion. Love has a way.”

Veers are a UK founded band currently based in Los Angeles, California. And as legend tells it, the band rocks with embers of fervent fire, with lyrical majesty and inter-dimensional resonance.

Their live shows bring to the fore their polished offerings and very much presentation a stadium-style emersion in sound and presence. Well thought, well rehearsed, and mindfully written, Veers, are sure to win the hearts of a wide array of listeners.

Veers passion for moving forward the English rock music vibe, indicative of influences like the Verve, M83, Queens of the Stoneage, Death From Above, Tigercub, Interpol, Air, Demob Happy, and Black Sabbath, etc.

Veers stated: “Is ‘Taxi’ a love song? It’s about love, distance, betrayal, and misunderstanding. Giving all of yourself, trying your damnedest, and still being the enemy. We really hope you enjoy the tune, and can’t wait to send you more.”

It is indeed about love. It’s harshness, bitterness, its sweetness, and its outright confusion in glory. The frame in which we human animals roam this earth of plenty and plenty of un-necessary pains.

Andrew James, Spencer Evan Schuck, Nick Lanata, and Chris Neff deliver on those promises of introspection.



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