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Velvet Bloom // Dreaming Of Islands // DI MARTINELLI // Primer // Attention

Velvet Bloom – Presence

VELVET BLOOM is Maddy Herbert, and her evocative renderings of sound and emotions through her gentle and sweeping pop vocals, takes you to another spectrum. ‘Presence’ is the title track from the record, which describes through narrative of ‘losing someone’s aura when they are no longer around’. The wavy attack of beautifully laid sentiments and anecdotal pre-eminence, the single (and the album) is the best thing to have around a silent night of best friends, and pals. Let VELVET BLOOM’s ‘Presence’ seep in.

Dreaming Of Islands – Silencio

Malmo, Sweden’s DREAMING OF ISLANDS is the medallion of gold and spices for the soul. The inter-dimensional vocals and effects, take a millennia worth of guilt, lust, happiness, hate, and rolls them into a harping, preponderance for the inescapable world we live in. It’s that struggle of inner thought, most of the time never having a way of venting. Exploring is what DOI is all about. ‘Silencio’ is the call to shout out. Even in the season of giving and love, we all need some ‘convincing’. And with ‘Silencio’, with grandeur of synth and guitar exhilaration, your inner walls break open into the light.


Under no illusion, he trudged on with his work and life. Bold and understated at the same time, DI MARTINELLI’s single ‘MSAADA’ is a tonally decadent slices of atmospheres, described in succulent vocals and cemented in cream of the future’s tears. From the artist’s first EP, the techno vibe laden with dark-rock sensibilities, deliver a visceral experience of known and unknown histories of the past – Belgium’s colonial past. The artful and cinematic grain of narrative powers, is inherent in the ‘voices’ of the song. It tries to speak for the dark, hoping to enlighten and objectively kindle a new future.

Primer – A Broken Person’s Game

Michigan vocalist/producer Alyssa Midcalf is PRIMER. Rolling up to the anticipated drop of her debut album ‘Novelty’ on March 1st, her vacuous and forging vocals, she continues down the road of introspective lyrics drenching them with unadulterated feelings of haste, un-requited thoughts, love lost, then found with scars from the battles that ensued. Her synth work is a prelude to her voice’s support in hefty words. Alyssa stated: “I wanted to write a classic love song, but it turned more into a song about dealing with mental illness within a relationship and the pressures of partnership.”

Attention – Next to Me

ATTENTION brings ‘Next To Me’. A goose-bump raising vocal delight, the song is reminiscent of the best of early Billy Joel, and modern acts like Cold Play. The hardness of the protagonist’s plight is so easily felt. As the soft keys surround you with the warmth of a cashmere hug, the Scottish Pop/Soul artist, brings us to an emotional climax. The feeling of being ‘lost’ after the end of the song was the common reaction, for the sadness and empathy mixes thickly; the only lubricant being of the tears from your silent call to the heavens above.


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