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Velvet Tides // Sleep Tactics // Lazy Scorsese // WILDLIFE // The Bowdashes

Velvet Tides – Lost In Motion

VELVET TIDES is made up of Luke Marvin (Guitar & lead vocals), Josh Hale (Bass), Caleb Keenan (Lead Guitar) and Brandon Moss (Drums). The starlight of their single ‘Lost In Motion’ is a delicate run through a jungle of uninhibited wants and desires. A woodside in comparable indignities, that branch off into shoots of confusion and alienable personal exorcism. The sultan hierarchy in the guitar lick driven single, casts an overt reminiscence that shines and indulges.

Sleep Tactics – Herniated

Dan Smith writhes in this impending and raw encapsulation in indie-rock. Power chords twist and shout, as the dance between the drums and guitar, explodes in that particular implosion of will and stubbornness. Joined by Matt Weber and Josh Taylor, the trio played their first show in July of 2018. Now it’s 2019, and their debut self titled LP has dropped. In it, as it does with ‘Herniated’, Nirvana like off chords, mesh seamlessly with energies that can burn a thousand suns for millennia. Quite a ride.

Lazy Scorsese – Blue World

Song for a conscientious and more empathetic world, is what ‘Blue World’ is about. The question is: “Why do we do this, when we don’t have to?” The environment and the relationship within a human society is a path that will erode further as efficiencies in operation increases as the years go by. As part, the convenience from technological advances will tamp down the urgency for caring humans to act; to protect and to serve for the common good. Will it be too late, when we get to that point? Will that desire to care, disappear? LAZY SCORSESE is a rock band with a message.


WILDLIFE’s newest album “Take the Light With You” is coming October 11th. Dean Povinsky, Derek Bosomworth, Dwayne Christie, Chris Dawe, and Nick Greaves keeps on making their fans smilin’ and thrivin’ through an arguably, challenging life. But we laugh, dance, and smile some more as the band’s infectious attitude and vibrancy comes through with ‘Wasted’. Said Dean Povinsky (Lead singer): “[‘Wasted’] is a song about trying to look at life differently when things basically suck.” So, let’s let it go, when that time comes to pass. Let’s let it slide off of our shoulders. Let it be remembered, lessons learned, but move forward. Good advice, no?

The Bowdashes – Grandeur

Danes, Nana Nørgaard & Linn Holm, make the odd, look and feel so ever glamorous. Included in the upcoming debut album, the duo with the haunting presentation and exuding confidence, cast rock into a box of shimmer, and blackens the skies with unwieldy exposition. Silvery vocals are the hallmark of ‘Grandeur’, and it guides you into a realm of artistic interpretations and invasively altruistic resistance for the norm. The understated instruments, hence, exercise their truth claims, as all of the waves in sound, cast a cool and damp honor to your senses.


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