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Toy Cities // VENUS GRRRLS // willolux // Magnolian // Yune

Toy Cities – Float Away

Toy Cities is the collaboration between childhood friends Michael Nesci (vocals, guitar) and Mitch Lee (bass, synth). Post-punk, new-wave, shoegaze – the duo from Brooklyn embarks, with you in hand, into a galaxy of fascinations, you’d never thought existed, nor contextualized. At least in this specific way. Gradual undulations, deemed with spikes of synth acceleration, ‘Float Away’ cites the undeniable guitar shimmer of prog with the exciting pacing that always hooks. Since the band formed in 2013, Toy Cities have gained attention in and outside New York for their infectious energy and a sound that lies somewhere between the synth-pop sensibilities of New Order and the moody, jangly croon of The Smiths. Boppin’ to the beat and the tai

VENUS GRRRLS – Freaky Friday

The purpose of Freaky Friday is to not only comfort ourselves, but to liberate others from toxic variants in their lives. Not necessarily romantic, but in friendship, families and in sociopolitical contexts, because toxicity comes in all forms and in different ways. Five piece all girl rock band from Leeds made up of Grace Kelly, Jess Ayres, Gabby Cooke, Hannah Barraclough, and Grace Stubbings reels in the dark, peaking in the wallow of emotions and assumptions. Mucky blacks and unanimous gray, splashed with the pastel hues, deliberate and purposeful rock, dance with distinction and uniqueness.

willolux – Safe Spaces

Kristina Emmott, also known under the stage name willolux is a Canadian singer/songwriter whose musical style is a synthesis of nostalgic folk with modern bedroom pop. Collection of feelings are beautifully aligned and presented by ‘Safe Spaces’. An aroma of dreams and love, flow effectively and lovingly from this project. An understated terms of events, signed with the blood drips of affect and longing. Kristina’s vocals, combined with the arrangement of ‘Safe Spaces’ bring up to the top of the atmosphere, a pleasure of giving and profound sentiments. It’s an unassuming glow of golden shimmers, accepting in the environment it’s set, while knowing the challenges of circumstances that might not be. Her latest LP ‘Armour’ is available now.

Magnolian – Caroline

“‘Caroline’ is about the narrator reminiscing about his first love and how things might have turned out, but he is also aware that he’s being nostalgic and that his feelings are gilded in the light of hindsight.” Dulguun Bayasgalan is an indie-folk singer-songwriter from Mongolia. In March of 2017, Magnolian made his North American debut at SXSW in Austin, Texas. He also has the most streamed Mongolian song, “The Bride & the Bachelor” on Spotify with over 7 million hits. “The Bride & the Bachelor” has become a regular in Spotify – curated folk playlists, including ‘Roots Rising’, ‘Infinite Indie Folk’, and ‘Fresh Folk’. Fresh and droned, Magnolian’s vocals are honest and delivers with the high regard that his audience feels. ‘Caroline’ is a momentary escape of mind and soul, flying above the wants and woes of the here and now. Landing on the side of caution and retrospect, ‘Caroline’ digs deeper into the visions of personal ambitions of love and what it would be like, without it. It is a charming addition to a string of delights.

Yune – Ørkensangen (‘The Desert Song’)

‘Ørkensangen’ (‘The Desert Song’) is the thematic cornerstone of the upcoming debut album from the Danish quintet Yune and serves as a taster for a rock album with a streak of touareg heat at its core. Cellos, dusty synths, church bells color a soundscape through which two guitar lines whirl effortlessly around and through each other like dust devil across the desert floor. Tone and milestones of it all comes about with a whizzing zip. The signs pass by with speed, as the you watch. Flames of thoughts dissipate in the heat of the process of remembering where it was that you were going. Darkened vicinities, closing in, getting closer, and touching by its whiskers. Cold and shivering, you fling open the blankets of self doubt and living. The world, even in that desert – dry and lifeless – is there for you to put your ‘best’. Warm and empathetic, Yune kindly pushes us forward.


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