Verner Calvin ‘Jordan’ : Thoroughfare to poignancy and emotions that can’t be reached so easily.


Verner Calvin brings thoroughfare to poignancy and emotions that can’t be reached so easily. In ‘Jordan’, he opens his heart and reconciles with an old friend.

It recants the golden days of a friendship that has since withered. In it VC describes what he misses about his friend over a beautiful instrumental arrangement that leaves room for the emotion in his voice to seep into the space. The crux of the song is repeated in the chorus, “This feeling comes around sometimes, and I wonder about you. A battle plays out in my mind. Should I message you?”

‘Jordan’ is just the second single from Verner’s upcoming EP to be released in late Summer 2020. The six song EP including title track ‘Grey Oranges’ pull you in with melodic hooks and driving grooves with a warm catchy edge.

Whistling in calm daydreams, a mind and heart mend in interesting ways. But whatever direction taken, a resolution is good for the body and future to come.

Maybe we all should try to recompense, somehow.


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