Versari ‘Des Image’ : Irrevocably and resounding sounds of humanity, yet unknown.

Versari / Photo: Renaud de Foville

Versari debut their new single ‘Des images’ from the upcoming album ‘Sous La Peau’. Stark and beautiful video by Director Renaud de Foville pull ‘Des Images’ in to a darkness of positivity, that prolongs the irrevocably and resounding sounds of humanity, yet unknown.

‘Sous La Peau’ (‘Under The Skin’) is Versari’s third album offering strength and power, of exorcism and of metaphorical rebirth.

The trio is cast as one, the guitars radiate and roam with intent with the support of an understated yet powerful rhythm section. Bass and drums are intensely precise, elegant and seductive. Their music is the heir of a dark and literary genre. Taking as much from the English and the French culture, they are freed from both.

Versari are Jean-Charles Versari (guitar/vocals), Laureline Prod’Homme (bass), and Cyril Bilbeaud (drums) with/ Adrian Utley (founding member of Portishead): additional synths and guitars Jonathan D. Mayer (composer): sound design.

‘Sous La Peau’ will drop, April 24th.


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