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VESS Shares ‘Scaring the Dark’. The Pieces Fit. You Can Do This.

“This song came to me shortly after the birth of my daughter. Up until the time she was born, I started to have a feeling of emptiness and longing, like something was missing even though my life was very full.” – Vess

“It was like I was putting a one hundred piece jigsaw puzzle together, but only having ninety-nine pieces. I knew for me that no matter how complete my life would be, I would personally always feel somewhat vapid and unresolved.”

“When my daughter was born the feeling cocktail of fear and joy were overwhelming. Suddenly you are handed this beautiful creature that looks like you and her mother and you’re joyful beyond words; but that joy quickly turns into terror the moment you are left alone with a baby and the weight of that responsibility hits you like a ton of bricks.”

“In that moment the fear of messing this up overwhelms you to the point that all your selfish desires and behaviors leading up to this moment are told to get in line because there is someone more important cradled in the palms of your hands.”

“The responsibility of loving and caring for someone else helps to drive out a darkness we all tend to deal with. Before my daughter was born, I was dealing with a lot selfishness and that selfishness in me led to days where I felt so depressed. Sometimes those days try to come back around, but I’m learning that a perfect love is a selfless love.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

VESS is the project name of Jeremy Michael Vess and part of him recognized that life isn’t ALL the pieces falling to fit, at the same time. But life is what it is, and it’s gray sometimes, and with elbow grease is needed to make it yours.

Life becomes ‘yours’ of your own volition, when it’s contrasted with ‘the mess of life’ and the conquering of them.




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