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Vicky Sometani ‘Breeze’ : Best-friend which you’d never thought you’d ever have in your life.

We must adjust and live once more.

Vicky Sometani

‘Breeze’ is what Vicky Sometani is all about. A refreshingly vibrant seduction of sorts, ‘Breeze’ is a song that is a best-friend which you’d never thought you’d ever have in your life.

When Vicky sings, the tightly choreographed range of emotions, burst in to line with the autumn like comfort, as you decide to re-join the living of this reality. The victory comes from a way of injecting the effervescent with the brooding ambiguities, which describe with the kind of vibe that is never overbearing and always inviting.

The energy of Vicky’s output, sings with its own accord, as it melds at the edges of pure joy and the slightly cynical skepticism that, we in the world outside, feel everyday. The collapsing of wall, that had mounted the kind of assault to our sanity, is taken down a notch with ‘Breeze’ as its bubbling enthusiasm for looking at the world as half full, bleeds knowingly and effortlessly.

This is Vicky’s debut single. And it tells of a story of one heart, wrestling with a part of its life, being empty – maybe abandoned. Vicky said it is “the bitter sweet memories that come with break-up, and the fondness and/or sadness you’ll always feel towards them, even if it was meant to end when it did.”

A new start, from a tragedy, marks a person’s way of surviving and then rising with a better and bigger ambition. The forged emotions, digest with ever increasing voracity to live, and to move on to the next chapter.

A better chapter.

Life, after all, won’t stay as you’d like.

It flows as the age old rivers do.

We must adjust and live once more.

Talented Vicky Sometani will make waves, in that flow of unending possibilities.


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