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Victoria+Jean Shares ‘Free Insult’. “Definition of will. A bull-horn of what’s to come.”

Victoria states about ‘Free Insult’ as: “A reaction towards all these free hug movements. We’re living in a time of silent dictatorship. A time of ‘oh you cannot say nor do that’, and in some cases you can be totally censored”.

“It just feels like we no longer have the right to really criticize nor get angry or scream. And writing down something with some offensive words or content is going to be censored, banished and taken away. ‘Free Insult’ was our reaction to that. I’m not asking you to do free hugs nor to insult someone but to assume who you are and what you think”.

The duo VICTORIA+JEAN is a definition of wills. A disparate announcement and a bull-horn for the ails that linger in our current world. The burning ashes of global notions, silently falling to the shoulders of proud and personal incredulities. The remaining fact – and possibly the factor – in summations of thought and inclinations for the righteous plans for a ‘different’ society.


The duo rockers don’t dwell on the nuance. As they forge ahead with compelling singles like ‘Free Insult’, we, as audience members, close our mouths and get ready for the long haul.

VICTORIA+JEAN know there are colder months ahead.

Hold on. They also know how to warm you up.

Exciting, ain’t they?

Heck yea.



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