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VIDEO PREMIERE: Coyote Choir’s Single ‘Keep Moving On’. “Learn. Improve. Expand.”

Nashville based COYOTE CHOIR premieres their new video for single ‘Keep Moving On’ off of their debut album ‘Vol. 1’ (November 2nd). And beautiful and uplifting anthem of a single holds our hands to a place of positivity and new possibilities.

Brothers Jason and Paul Watkins (vocals and bass,respectively) and drummer Mathew Linton shows us one way to get out of our shells, thinking differently about our ways of living, and trying our darnedest to explore and stretch our expectations.

The interesting lyric video is an emblem of what the trio has gone through, in the vast wilderness of life, winding and unwinding on that lonesome path. The solitude of ‘existence’ can be as hard to understand and dealt with appropriately. But just like the truck featured in the video, ALL of it goes on. And like everything in this world, YOU must go on. Learning. Improving. Expanding your frame of thought and actions.



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