Vilde ‘Absentee’ : Off of latest upcoming LP, ‘Atopia’.


VILDE is a solo project of Thomas Savage. And from his upcoming 4th LP, ‘Atopia’ (summer 2020), ‘Absentee’ shines in support of the enchanting offering.

Thomas wrote ‘Atopia’ whilst in a period of displacement, incrementally between Melbourne, Aarhus and finally Stockholm, where production on the record began during the late Swedish summer of 2019. Shortly thereafter Thomas returned to Norwich, where he mixed the record.

Thomas said of ‘Absentee’: “As a sort of writing experiment I had attempted something of a soft, instrumental jazz piece. Although I became enamored with the chords and it morphed more towards my usual approach, with beats and vocals and lead guitar parts. The song is about feeling absent from one’s own life. Subscribing to a self-penned story to have it pulled from under you. It’s hope and dread thrown into the same cookpot.”

The songs in ‘Atopia’ were brought to life with additional mixing by David Pye [Wild Beasts, Dido], then sent off for mastering to Eric James [Dame Joan Sutherland, Faithless, James Holden] at Philosophers Barn, Norfolk.

Enchanting and always full of subdued effervescence from Thomas’ vocals, ‘Absentee’ continues the never ending fairy-tale, of real life experiences and wanting emotions.


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