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VILDE’s Single ‘Rabbit Hole’. “Get On That Path To Knowing, And You Will Flourish.”

VILDE is a solo project of Thomas Savage, a Melbourne/Stockholm based producer and musician. And recently his newest LP, ‘Thud’, was release. And in this single ‘Rabbit Hole’, exploration is vital to the what VILDE is all about, with sweeping vocals, and instrumental arrangements that dial in on our inhibitions and vices towards the unknown.

Grasp the darkness, out there, away from you.

It isn’t what you expect. It’s excitement that you desire.

Get on that path to knowing, and you will flourish.

Even if the journey will be difficult, the rewards will be becoming of you.

Wear it with pride.

Wear it with honor.

VILDE is a ‘dance project’. You know like the ones at the Metropolitan in NYC.

Silky, arresting, interesting, stylish, modern, bold.

Grab ahold. Let the synth drive you. Then let Thomas’ lyrics and voice, slay you.

“Making Thud was a new experience for me. I realized that it felt like years since I had really gone deep into music & buried myself in the process of it. I felt that I’d lost touch with the concept of self-disciplined work ethic in music. Eventually my self-application had become merely whimsical and I had come to believe inspiration was reliable. My productivity waned. I felt an urge to prove to myself that I could actually commit to something with serious work ethic & follow it through”




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