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Vile Bodies Shares ‘Heaven’. “Fun. Party. Hang. Pretty Gal.”

VILE BODIES will get your party going. With synchronized vocals and ‘get your ass up on the stage and join us’ kind of harmonies, the gang of 5 in this band will show you the best way to hang.

With a cool draft.

With a pretty gal by your side.

No hot wings, though.

For they get in your teeth, and you don’t want your pretty gal to see that.

The band consists of: Elliott Gould, Rory Kyte, Mike Faires, Chandler Betteridge, and Dylan Hendrick. They have been going strong since 2016 and their debut publication.

With “songs about car crashes, the occult, Kubla Khan, human shit, and vampirism”, you get EXACTLY what you think you’re going to get.

As we’d mentioned: Fun, Party, Hang, Pretty Gal… no hot wings.




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