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Vilnes // The Sickly Hecks // Shane Weisman // Dog Trainer // Joshua Moriarty

Vilnes – Play With Me

VILNES is Norway based indie-pop artist Eivind Vilnes. And when listening to ‘Play With Me’, we ask ourselves “Why is this single so good?” The chill dynamics, buckled with pop hooks, and in refreshing pace, the single is a gift for that lazy day at work, or on that summer sun laden Sunday afternoon. You, your girl, and hours to be together, is the pension for mention in this upbeat smorgasbord of a single. The inviting and accessible familiarity is sheathed with a layer of inventiveness that is becoming of the song. There’s no doubt about Eivind’s skillz. There’s no doubt ‘Play With Me’ is a pocket full of sunshine you need in your corner.

The Sickly Hecks – Primitive

‘Primitive’ is that antidote to that sickness you’d had ever since visiting cousin Tom for his birthday the other weekend. Your head was stuffy, your sinus was runny, and your energy level was ‘no bueno’. And then your girlfriend recommended you watch THE SICKLY HECKS’ latest single, and so you did. It was a Thursday night, and the evening was chilly. Your nose was red and you turned on the YouTube. The energy poured out of the band as the shoegazy/bedroom-pop shenanigans started to make you dizzy, then suddenly you felt it in your pants. A warmth you’d not felt every since the start of the sickness. You pulled the blanket off of you, and felt the excitement coming on again. Then the room felt brighter with that feeling of ‘better days’ on its way. You smile. Then your girlfriend comes into the living room and she’s all smile too, at how you’re feeling! Word. The fun and happy single ‘Prmitive’ might have different results, but hey, why not try, right?

Shane Weisman – Hold On To Your Lover

SHANE WEISMAN wants to be part of you musical life. In a small way, he’d always wanted to be this way. As the child who’d always aspired to be the musician he’d always dreamt of, he lives his fantasy, every day. And in his latest ‘Hold On To Your Lover’, the folk singer who now is based out of New York City, tries to enrich his music through experiences which challenge and then hopefully, validate his motivations and actions. A student of refining his music, he digs with his acoustic guitar, in the efforts to be more accessible and approachable for his fans. The anchor for his uniqueness is his voice, as the short but gentle fluttering of the emotions help shape the aura behind the thrust of his verses. His first EP ‘Hangin’ On’ was produced by Simone Felice. Still collaborating, ‘Hold On To Your Lover’ continues the successful path Shane has carved out for himself.

Dog Trainer – Only Be U

We’d been a fan of DOG TRAINER from the get-go. We’d commented on their prior single ‘The Kids’ as: “The beautifully undulating lyrics, intwined in synth’s shimmer in the second stanza, ameliorates and succumbs to a state of decadence.” And when it comes to their latest single ‘Only Be U’, that sentiment on DOG TRAINER’s method of song, continues with even bigger fervor. It’s just the way it is, as the uber-talented duo of Nick Greenberg (vocals/production) and Lucas del Calvo (production) comes with decisive force of passions painted with words and musical notes, there’s no way of skipping ahead. You must stare. You must stare. Their full length album ‘Puppyhood’ is available now.

Joshua Moriarty – Hold Me Closer

Frontman for MIAMI HORROR & ALL THE COLOURS, JOSHUA MORIARTY brings ‘Hold Me Closer’. Love and loss is a common source for inspiration on songs. There’s a reason why that is. And as long as humans exist, we’ll all have that moment of ‘love and loss’ that will either crumble or uplift your short and length of your life. Judgement is what we do, everyday, for good or for worse. Out of the will to survive emotionally, we understand the longing. Most of the time overwhelming, but none the less it’s necessary is a natural coarse of things. At least that’s what we tell ourselves. In the year of new chapters (the year 2020) Joshua is set to embark on his 3rd solo record ‘Melancholia’. ‘Hold Me Closer’ is just the hints to come.


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