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Vincent John Shares ‘Foolish Game’. “Will You Ever Find That Kind Of Love Again?”

The thump of your heart was extra strong today. It was like it wanted you to feel it. It felt like it had mind of its own.

It soon happened after meeting Juliet. Yes. I know. With a girl like Juliet, you can ask yourself whether this is going to a story of tragedy. However, it is not. It’s just a story about what happens to a heart, when she doesn’t recognize you exist, in the first place.

You say, “That’s tragic!”

But it’s not. It depends on the perspective. And from my perspective could be a ‘tragic’ situation, but from a world that really doesn’t know I exist, it’s just a story.

In any case, it seems a bit moot to go on about my love life.

Although, before we go, she was beautiful. Long brunette, with a shine in her strands like brilliant stairs to the heavens.

Her smile would melt your ice cold heart.

Her attention would stop you at your tracks.

Her laugh would infect the whole room.

“Will you ever find that kind of love again?”

Not sure. But guess, there’s only one route, and that is to keep trying, right?

VINCENT JOHN’s single ‘Foolish Game’ is a fab piece of electro-pop that we dig lots (as you can tell). The infusion of elements make the single a pallet on which we can dance, think, and become introspective of what others ‘are’, and ‘what they are not’.




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