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Vincent Littlehat // Firewoodisland // Halfpenny // Jungo // Eyelovebrandon

Vincent Littlehat – Being To The Beat

There’s nothing really to say about VINCENT LITTLEHAT except that we’re crushed by the feeling of having a crush in her song ‘Being To The Beat’. Quirky, and staggered, the depth defying single gnostic in nature, preserves a sense of nature and unfairness we all sometimes feel. Vincent Littlehat is art itself, and it’s glorious to see, hear, and feel. The accompanying video, directed by Marta Bevacqua, describes the hunt for something eager. Something deep within, which is thought to be a puzzle piece to a freedom of sorts. The making of a perceived wholeness, is eclipsed by the journey to that end. The song, in it’s own way, is an exercise in ear-worm predation. We’re missing limbs from it’s bite.

Firewoodisland – Smell of Home

FIREWOODISLAND is a project combined of duos Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri. And in their latest, ‘Smell Of Home’, is the perfect end of year anthem for the very goodness of a return to origins. Re-charging of batteries differs for each individual. Whether it be their kids, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, dinner with family, or party with friends, there is always a return to the memories that guide you that helps you take solace and refuge from the big-bad world. ‘Smell Of Home’ reminds us of that, and we’re sure it does for your senses as well. It’s a beautifully sung piece, with radiant harmonies. Simple as that.

Halfpenny – This Is Just Me

The fantastic band named HALFPENNY is a mix of hiphop, soul, funk, and smooth jazz which makes you want to dance. ‘This Is Just Me’ is a throwback to the basics of stirring up the rhythms within anyone of us. Heavy beats, light delights and lyrics, beautifully form and overlap to make this kind of sound. And that sound is just a part of what parties are made of. The band is fronted by Rosalind and rapper Sparx. With the help of close friends and family, the collective of vocals, keys, guitars, and horns, is here to please. And the pleasure is pure, to be sure.

Jungo – Crazy

“Are you okay?” she asked. He replied as he wiped his tear, “You could have helped me, you know.” The two merry band of long time friends, realized each other’s love for each other, just recently. And the love they felt was more than ‘friend’ deep. The mystery of when they fell for each other was never communicated. “It’s okay. We’ll be together for a long time, so we have plenty of time to make it up to each other,” as she kissed him in understanding. JUNGO’s vocals and lyrics make us think of the forbidden and surprising love we’d had in the past. In some ways, we want those days back. But we know we can’t. So we live through songs like ‘Crazy’ – simultaneously depicting stories of true love, and acts of love. Someday it’ll be back for us.

Eyelovebrandon – Night Rider feat. Kreion

‘Night Rider’ is a collaboration between EYELOVEBRANDON and KREION. And in this edition, there’s just gold in them hills. With crooning smooth vocals, implemented through the jazzy/trip production, keeps every part of your inhibitions at attention. What if they know what you’re thinking? Are you ready to let her in? She’s let you in already, you know. The drip-tastic installation of sensibilities, is simply irresistible. Brandon is a here to stay, and we’re glad.


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