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Vinegar Mother – Unhappy Family

Vinegar Mother has been one of our faves in the past several months. Why? Songs like Unhappy Family, that’s why. Julia Zivic’s vocals is what makes us ‘feel’, and drives a steak into our soul-hearts.

We didn’t know we had it in us, to be honest.

Anywho, the chorus delivery is the key, and in this song, the proper introduction by Julia and Vinegar Mother is seductive, palpable, poignant, all in a slow danceable, love your significant other, kiss her on her cheek while caressing – goodness.

Their song Slow has been reviewed, but for us, Unhappy Family is what Vinegar Mother is, at the moment, exudes that class. They bring the dramatic stage presence and the worldly apropos, in a specific psychedelic, soul pop-rock band ‘thang’ could bring.

Their crafted songs fit in many ideas and brings just the ‘cool’ each party deserves.

In the tradition of rocking soul singers like Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, and Joss Stone, Vinegar Mother brings the soul and plays with our emotions… and teases. The strength of the vocals, the very important soulfulness & honesty of the vocals, the playfulness of the instruments – all say ‘hi’ at the junction, together – invitingly, lovingly, delightfully.

Oh, and the ‘tease’ bit of the statement is that they have only 5 songs out in their EP ‘The Sunny Seat’, and that’s like just sneaking a peak at one’s beautiful girl, but not being able to hold her or love her. We think that their capabilities and quality of output will be even greater in their next publication.

We can’t wait for their soul-blues-amplification-ass-kickin’ selves to show us ‘another one’. Their awesome careers have just begun.

Kudos Vinegar Mother, kudos.

Oh, they’re not rep’ed yet. So, where are you A&R departments! Get on board!



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