Vinyl Williams ‘LA Egypt’ : Heaping helping of granular viscosity of truths and buffet of emotions.

Vinyl Williams

Vinyl Williams’ anticipated LP ‘Azure’ is set to release June 5th 2020. After collaging hundreds of paintings together in a string of new artwork, Williams combined over 25 paintings just to create the album art for Azure; attempting to equally represent the complexly organic & decadent music apparent on the record.

The first single ‘LA Egypt’ is a trip into wild harmonious odysseys, which along with the immersive interactive world (created by Williams) bursting at the seams, we gather out composure for another heaping helping of granular viscosity of truths and buffet of emotions.

‘Azure’ marks a point of higher equilibrium for songwriter Lionel Williams, employing far more restraint & rapidity than his earlier releases, as well as a concentration of unifying paradoxical qualities. The last record, Opal (2018) received critical acclaim by Pitchfork and was listed on NME’s best of 2018 list. Vinyl Williams’ earlier releases are cult favorites for their incessant bliss & driving rhythms, such as Brunei (2016) & Trance Zen Dental Spa (2015 – collaboration with Chaz Bear of Toro Y Moi).

“This track’s an homage to Arthur Verocai, one of the many Brazilian lords of harmonious music,” said Lionel, “it is an invocation of paradise upon Earth, to imagine the reverse engineering of nature, while simultaneously absolving the destruction & abuse wrought on the planet. Maybe more men can imprint the Anima into their behavior, to discover some kind of approach toward a possible oscillating equilibrium. If only the moon orbited exactly over the equator – but currently it’s 5º off from it, where as we would have 2 solar eclipses per month, instead of per year on average. The slight fucked-up-ness of Earthlife is essential to our development, and our spatial awareness.”

Full list of painters and artists collaged for the art of ‘Azure’ are: James McCarthy, Gilbert Williams, Wojtek Siudmak, Raffaelo Ossola, Gustave Moreau, Bruce Pennington, Aec Interesni Kazki, Jim Shaw, David Chewing Lee, David Hardy, Adrian Kenyon, Dustin Yellin, Neo Rauch, Marty Morales, Kate Klingbeil, Shane Moulton, Jordan Speer, Kay Nielsen, Ton Haring, Tuco Amalfi, Mario Martinez, Derek Carpenter, Luke Schroeder, Jonathen Solter, Toshio Matsumoto, James Sienna, Yoshi Sodeoka, Adolph Schaller, Remedios Varo, Roger Dean, Marcelo Germana, Henry Hudson, Sergio Macedo, Waldemar Borowski, Micah Ofstedahl, Christian Riese Lassen, Tokyo Aoyama, Carlos Ochagavia, Derek Sabiston, Brian Cooper, Sam Balfus, Michael Macari, Elvis Barlow Smith, Hiro Isono, Tsunehisa Kimura, Jacquelyn Blair, Rodeny Matthews, Robert McCall, Vangel Naumovski.


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