Virgin Miri ‘Bubblegum’ : Feelings you are left with after a breakup.

Virgin Miri

Swedish singer Virgin Miri is back with glossy new single ‘Bubblegum’, a bouncy pop tune about drinking “till you got no braincells left” in an attempt to block the feelings you are left with after a breakup.

“This song is about when you’ve got your heart broken and you pretend everything is totally fine but really you’re dying inside,” said Virgin Miri about the track.

Blending sweet Scandi-pop vocals with heavy bass and bouncy synths, the singer has had a busy year releasing three singles. ‘Bubblegum’ is the fourth and final single before the release of her debut EP.

Besides performing, writing and producing her own songs, Virgin Miri is frequently hired as a DJ and visual artist. Her love for music and design shines through everything she does–from live shows to visuals.

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