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VISC. Shares Indomitable & Oddly Sticky Single ‘Merciless’.

VISC’s single ‘Merciless’ is the oddity that you need in your life. The light hearted elements reminiscent of 60’s doo-wop, then mixing it fabulously with current and modern pop sensibilities – this amalgamation of the dark and the light, will bring you forth the the next dimension of musical extremities.

In the vastness of ‘VISC’, the tundra covers all. It is the fruits of your last dying breath. It is the thought of your last meal, before that climb up mont Vesuvius. It is the smiling and cajoling (albeit playful) attempts at kissing your favorite girl.

The girl of your dreams.

The girl of your realities.

The adventures you seek.

The adventures you found.

‘Merciless’ is about the relationship between ‘An Internet troll and their revenge-seeking prey’. And just like any psychopath in the world, the gentle and contradicting music plays in the back-ground.

You’re in for a surprise. FYI.

In all seriousness, VISC’s single ‘Merciless’ is fabulous. Give it a go on your rotation for the day. Listen to it while you’re eating an ice-cream cone at your local downtown shop.

Why not. Right?

VISC is a project of Dylan Fellows.

Kudos Dylan. Kudos.



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