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Visions In Clouds // Cardinal // Julez // Meg Blumberg // Hunny Ten

Visions In Clouds – Show Me The Way (You Tried To Be Seen)

VISIONS IN CLOUDS’ single is off of their 2nd single ‘What If There Is No Way Out’. The track is about self-doubt born out of the volcano of expectations, festering and churning, just underneath the comfortable warmth of our skins. Residual challenges from the ever present hounding of the world outside, the relative wisps of the autumn air, keeps at the back of our minds. Will there be any salvation from the echoes of such blithering howls of our future? Will there be any becoming consumption, to a better and brilliant world? See out that gray colored sentiments. Seek it out with VISIONS IN CLOUDS’ “homage” to “a promise”, a final “desire”.

Cardinal – Tension Rod

Five piece rock band CARDINAL comes at us with ‘Tension Rod’. The Richmond Virginia based musicians with something to say, hints at the vacuous and maybe, redeeming nature of ourselves. You, us, them – all sentimentally tied by a degree, here nor there – tempted by just what’s in front of us – distracted by it all. Relationships faulted, like machines after 200,000 miles – but can it be salvaged the way it was? Betrales and begotten admirations of the past, comes to a cross road of doubt and remorese, mixed with caustic akaline, vetted by altered gazed. Can the distraction dissipate from your view? Up to you, we guess. The band consists of Frank Roberts, Megan Paul, Zavi Harman, Jono Stewart, and Jesse Marcus.

Julez – New Connection

Los Angeles rebel JULEZ comes at us again with ‘New Connection’. Get into this fabulous alt-rock goodness as it keeps the fun at the forefront. JULEZ is Jules Batterman, and the NYC area native, has kept her attitude which keeps on flowing through her music. The 23 year old is a pocket full of surprises as she mixes different genres, to come up with some unique venues of colors, within her arrangements. That’s what she does, in sum. And that in itself, is all that you need to seek out a totally new experience from this flower, laced with knives. Don’t get too close, she might slice you. But do get closer to her music, though.

Meg Blumberg – Wading

Think we were in some kind of mood that day. And on that day, MEG BLUMBERG came into our lives with this instrumental ‘Wading’. Yes, it surely is not anything like we feature on CHF. But listen. Listen to where the notes flutter and wave; there it opens up a vision of what we all strive to hear in any form of music. That passion for life, that un-easing journey though it, and the un-apologetic psalms of backward looking hindsights – unimpressed, and weary. But there it was, a last gleaming hope for love and salvation, in a form of a body of humanity. Then we crack under the influence of the love that will last, heavy now with reciprocating and unfettered love’s gaze. So, let’s appreciate this gorgeous composition from Meg.

Hunny Ten – Take You Home

HUNNY TEN is funk & groove. It’s the piled up high, fun-ness you’d been looking for at the next party you’re going to. Brooklyn’s own Drew Cooper, makes this happen. And when the guitar work and composition, takes you by surprise, you adjust your bangs and get ready your dancing shoes for an epic presentation to your homeys. It’s been a while since they’d seen you dance, so why not. They deserve a great time – you deserve this time of goodness. Let’s dance our worries away – for a moment. The band will debut the upcoming EP ‘110%’ on March 19th. ‘Take You Home’ is their debut single – that sounds like they’d been around for a long, long time. It’s a good thing. Our dancing legs thank you.


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