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Visiteur Shares ‘Cell Block Lawyer’. “The party of Life, that is.”

Quaking with anticipation, ‘Cell Block Lawyer’ is both a milestone in sound, and for what can be expected from the band VISITEUR. The synth pushing new-wave vibes permeate the single, as it carries with it the distinct and fun vibrance of the band’s new philosophy.

Made up of members: Sir Boyfriend, John Lake, ema, Cpt. Snowball, and Mick Beck, the outlandish lands in the field of absolute expertise and craft in making songs in top shelf form. A glam’ed up 80’s mix, with a sound that seems to just tickle the ribs of feeling in dance synth-disco, the decades seducing live vibe of the band is intoxicating and seducing.

High class, with the refreshing vibes of a cold brewsky, the classes come hold hands to play homage to the party which we’re all here for.

The party of Life, that is.

See VISITEUR next at Ommafestivalen in Östergötlands Län, Sweden, on September 7th.



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