Vita and the Woolf ‘Home’ : Journeys upon journals of thoughts and promises – to self – to what’s to come.

Vita and the Woolf

“The lyrics, ‘abandoned malls and the ghosts that haunt them’ are about the destruction of malls built in the 70s and 80s. The fictional character, Anna lives here, she grew up here. A mall, a marketplace, and the epicenter of capitalism. This idea of realizing, she can’t live in the mall anymore. Embracing the melancholy of this bizarre structure.”

Added Jennifer Pague aka Vita and the Woolf: “This album took 2 years to make and then another year figuring out how to release it, haha. I really wanted to be vulnerable and honest with what I was going through when writing some of these songs. Some were written due to a broken heart, others were written as pep talks, and some were written about my experiences moving to LA. Either way, I hope this album helps get people through whatever stuff they’re going through right now – because holy sh*t are we all going through something right now. I hope this album makes you dance, cry, and groove. I hope it helps you, because it certainly helped me.”

Anna Ohio holds Jennifer’s pain: “The thoughts of not being good enough o hire, love, and respect. It holds my energy and refusal to quit being a human. It holds what I find beautiful when things somehow work out.”

A striking work of journeys upon journals of thoughts and promises – to self – to what’s to come.

It’s a celebration, in the most intimate.


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