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Vita // Weltschmerzdigest // Skekz // GEIZ // The Nomad Project

Vita – Made For This

Sixteen year old producer VITA is here and in full effect. ‘Made For This’ is a sultry and soul-framed electronica piece that is perfectly suited for those intimate of time, with her – with him – with the thoughts in your heart and head. It resonates with palpitating vigor, and it fits like a thousand dollar suit.

Weltschmerzdigest – Time

With a mystic as wide and prevalent as the asteroids existing in our local galaxy, WELTSCHMERZDIGEST comes at you with dollops of words, christened by the anointed, and risen with a knowledge in the axiomatically inclined. This EDM styled electronica offering delves deep into the inner habits of our born and natural attraction to creative noises. Certainty is bound. This is a project of Saint-Petersburg based, Pavel Doronin.

Skekz -Catacombs

Warning comes at dawn. The cries of helplessness, creaks inside the silent morning home. Reverberating, as the heart of your chest leap from here and into external bounds. The sorrows of confusion, reveal with anger, as you try to do your best to cover the underlying noise. The silent home, is no more. ‘Catacombs’ by SKEKZ was inspired by a trip to Highgate cemetery in north London. A disturbance to the dead. A new memory to the visiting souls. It is a downbeat, dark-electronic offering from their EP ‘Highgate’. It follows up their previous album ‘Sleeper’. Don’t wake up the dead.

GEIZ – Call of the Void

“The song seems like a fun dance track with some chopped up guitars in it, which it is. But the vocal effects and synth sounds draw heavily from tracks in the gay club scene”, said GEIZ, about ‘Call Of The Void’. “And the lyrics talk about “l’appel du vide”, teasing the intrinsic suicidal thoughts we all carry with us for some reason or another”. Coincidence? Nope. GEIZ wants to give you feelz. The kind of feelz you’d feel if you were a breathing entity in a far off alien planet, watching your experiment on that petrie dish, watching human beings converse, hate, describe, support, and interact. The feelz of ‘excitement’. The feelz of ‘accomplishment’. The feelz of the ‘void’. It’s time to make the Universe know.

The Nomad Project – The Silent Escape

Stated THE NOMAD PROJECT: “The song is inspired by 80s synth and imagines a futuristic escape from cops after a big burglary. It slowly builds up on a synth lead with an arpeggiated bass line that changes form mirroring the changing of landscapes as the escape continues.” Outrun, jazz, electronica – all come together in the mind of THE NOMAD PROJECT. It’s a firing off of synapses, dedicated to the fulfillment of notes that sparkle in synth. A kaleidoscope of layers, depict in delicious aromas, as ‘The Silent Escape’ keeps you in line for the ‘next’. Don’t lose that space.


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