Vivian Slick ‘Be About It’ : Cheekiness with a pension for a battle and legs to dance till dawn.

Vivian Slick

When was the last time you’d had such fun? Vivian Slick’s ‘Be About It’ castrates your incumbent notions and tosses those dingleberries and starts anew. In the best traditions of strong and talented lady pop figures, Vivian brings that gruesomely awesome tongue-in-cheek, cheekiness with a pension for a battle and legs to dance till dawn. The disco bells and 70’s attraction, it’s a baller single, ready for your hand.

“’Be About It’ is about being swept up in the buzz of another person,” said Vivian. “Uninhibited vocals glide over a classic disco arrangement before plunging into a swirl of synth and deliciously trashy bass. It’s a Giorgio Moroder- inspired fantasy. Whirring arpeggios and a relentless beat begs the listener to move. Whether cruising in a club (someday 🙂 or dancing in your apartment all alone- it’s a sexy, joyous ride with the gas pedal pressed to the floor!

It’s that romp around the city, in the heat of the night, watching the world go by, while loving the warmth of the summer raw. Your sweat begins sweating, your heart beats a miles an hour, and your gaze intently and intentionally towards your prey.

He’s got no chance tonight.

And yes, Vivian. With ‘Be About It’, we’re done for, too.

Vivian Slick is the project of Sarah Hoffman. Los Angeles dwelling, and ready go.



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