Vivid Shade ‘Secrets 2 Success’ (w/ AngelK) : Gumption that overflows and entertaining to the heck-est.

Debut EP ‘Clickbait’ is out now.

Vivid Shade

Vivid Shade is a music project fronted by teen singer-songwriter, ZoeJoey. And that you know, you might have to be separated from this earthly living and cast into the netherworld. That’s what Vivid Shade’s single ‘Secret 2 Success’ delivers, at least.

It’s an incantation of beleaguered angst and downtrodden darkness. A mass of growth, impending in soupy grayness that clings to the back of your throat, making you cough in desperation. An overriding dryness of guilt and cynical detentions, whither your soul, making you, at once, part of Vivid Shade’s musical haram.

Fantasy? Heck yea it is. And it’s worth it. The talented gizmo of a singer/songwriter is a chameleon and digs into a wide swath of genres, with gumption that overflows and entertaining to the heck-est.

Singaporean rapper AngelK, helps deliver the stamping approval, rounding out the EDM build and haunting revivalist tinge in ‘Secret 2 Success’.

Said Vivid: “The song about how we are all being profited off of; whether it’s through our data collected from social media or as an artist that is taken advantage of by wealthy companies…The EP as a whole explores a dystopian future where society is crumbling and falling apart due to our complete obsession with social media and advanced technology that just keeps us engaged and entertained. Robots have become sentient and just feel sorry for us because they see what we have become. They see that while we have created advanced technology we still haven’t evolved enough to be compassionate and caring to each other and still live in a state of fear.”

“People are tracked and monitored everywhere they go, and companies use all that data to make profit off of all of us by knowing exactly what will appeal to us, which then gets fed straight back into our social media feeds to keep the masses entertained in a very personalized way and keeps us buying products that are catered to our exact desires. This whole cycle just creates a rose colored personalized bubble which only further creates a more isolated and divided society.”

Indeed, Vivid. Indeed.

Take a gander at this vibrantly interesting antiquity of the sights and of the sounds. The reverberating quest for truth, diabolically droning in a submerged desire for contrasts, deliver with ample dexterity and power.




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