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VIVIE ANN Shares ‘Loverboy’. “Empowerment, for the empowered.”

Marie Hochhaus

Dynamic indie-folk pop songstress, Vivie Ann, makes a habit of constructing singles that just talks to the listener, in that gradual and assured way. A glimpse of what’s to come, based on the past, Vivie’s single ‘Loverboy’ looks at something niche, but oh so prevalent.

‘Loverboy’ is a song about a relationship that is about the purity of gaining pleasure. Of sex, and none of the emotional amenities, Vivie glimpses through the foggy glass of a passion that just isn’t very passionate. But it’s about degrading the stigma of double standards – of women wanting the sexual needs satisfied, without the jeers that often follow.

Woman and empowerment, isn’t only from administration of her life, but of the private and sexual conquests, if she’d deem it needed. ‘Loverboy’ is a hymn for a new generation of strong women who demand control over their own sexuality and reclaim an active, self-determined part in the worlds oldest game.

Whoa. Enticing, ain’t it?

For her previous song/video, ‘Obsolete Majesty’ we’d stated: “A feeling of a love that seemed forever brings a big pit, right in the center of anyone’s chest. That hollow and often unforgiving gap from which much bloomed and grew.”

Vivie Ann continues to do so, and continues to make you get that ‘feelz’. Niche and direct, Vivie Ann’s subject lines are decadent, and pop laden folds of emotionally charged minefields.

A hefty cost, beautifully paid by Vivie Ann’s sense of sensibilities.




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