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Vivie Ann Shares ‘Obsolete Majesty’. “For the ultimate salvation you seek…” New Album Drops March 15th.

Marie Hochhaus Photography

VIVIE ANN returns with ‘Obsolete Majesty’ which delves into a ‘dying of a big love’. A feeling of a love that seemed forever brings a big pit, right in the center of anyone’s chest. That hollow and often unforgiving gap from which much bloomed and grew.

In the new video, Vivie Ann endured Iceland’s cold, and connected the physical and the emotional. The ending is a twist in a metaphoric high, where the end result fits perfectly with the premise of the song. However, the reached conclusion, by in which it was delivered was a charming and intelligent commentary to a virtual realization in a relationship.

Flee, you dove. For the ultimate salvation you seek, is beneath the layers of your own character.

Lie there, you child, for the past is your future, a pillar to which a house can be built.

Walk forward, with chin high, and an emptied soul, starting to fill up with time, once more.

Vivie Ann’s new single and video is a milestone, for where and who she is in music. In our opinion, it’s the massive effort to reduce to the basics of portraying emotions in the fairest light, with as little amenities, as possible that is significant. A fact where Vivie Ann successfully wins in this latest of her songs.

Darkly convivial, protruding, drawn, and right to the point, ‘Obsolete Majesty’ is a beautifully crafted indie-pop song that is both cinematic and expansive.

Her upcoming album ‘When The Harbour Becomes The Sea’ drops March 15th.

Can’t wait.



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